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TEC Services Celebrates 10th Anniversary & New Aggregate Laboratory

Aggregate Laboratory

The New Year brings reflection on the changes at TEC Services after celebrating our 10th anniversary. Thank you to all of our customers.

Take a look at the growth in our aggregate testing and the construction of our new aggregate laboratory. Our changes have enabled us to perform all testing at one location. Our new temperature and humidity controlled lab has allowed us to continue to perform the increased volume of testing while meeting the demands of each standard. We are also working with ASTM to create single lab precision evaluations for new and updated standards. With the new ASTM Guide (ASTM C1778) and the increased industry emphasis for ASR evaluations from manufacturers and project specific testing, our laboratory is able to meet these demands without decreasing the emphasis on quality of testing.

Our capabilities include testing normal weight and lightweight aggregates for ASTM C33/C330/C331 testing, DOT and Army Corp of Engineers specific evaluations, petrographic evaluations and many more.