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Structural Distress

Our structural engineers provide engineering support in all areas of construction, and we specialize in reinforced concrete construction.  With in-house specialty testing such as Petrography and Non-Destructive Testing, we are able to determine the causes of distress, and, therefore, more complete and comprehensive solutions to structural problems.

Our services range from issuing immediate shoring recommendations to long term solutions, including repair details, project specifications, and bid documents.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Structural Rehabilitation and Repair
  • Shoring Design
  • Failure Analysis/Forensic Engineering
  • Settlement Evaluation
  • Foundation Strengthening and Underpinning
  • Exterior Facade Repair
  • Restoration and repair design of distressed and deteriorated structures
  • Metal Failure Evaluations and Laboratory Testing
  • Finite element and structural modeling