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Structural Assessment – Investigation – Repair Design Services

We perform structural assessments, investigations, and repair design services for the construction industry.
Structural Assessment

Prevent structural distress from reaching the point of local failure or collapse. 

With over 80 years of combined experience, SGS TEC Services team of Engineers, Geologists, Technicians, and Laboratory Specialists possess the skills necessary to assess, investigate, and develop structural solutions for the built world.

We have experience developing long-term repair solutions for multi-million-dollar restoration projects that extend the service life of buildings and structures. 

Our services have helped our clients to evaluate the current condition of their structure(s) through visual assessment, exploratory and non-destructive testing, structural evaluation and analysis, and repair and strengthening design. These services have been used on multiple projects, from mitigating moisture and corrosion related deterioration in coastal environments, to restoring structural capacity to deficient members due to a lack of waterproofing, construction defects, or long-term deferred maintenance.

Structural Engineering, Assessments, and Service Life

  • Structural Condition Assessment
  • Assessment of Original Construction Documents and Codes
  • Engineering to Develop Repair and Restoration Documents
  • Construction Administration and Engineering Review
  • Upgrades to Current Codes
  • Building Repurposing
  • Life Safety – Façade Access and Roof Anchors

Field Services

  • Nondestructive Evaluations (NDE, NDT) – GPR, UPV, Impact Echo, Corrosion Potential
  • Conscientious Core Sampling
  • Corrosion Evaluation and Assessment
  • Construction Observations and Consulting
  • Concrete Durability and Compressive Strength Testing
  • Reinforcement Condition and Modulus/Yield Strength Testing
  • Structural Monitoring (Cracks, Settlement, Member Performance, Stresses, etc.)
  • Structural Load Testing

Petrographic Evaluation

  • Concrete
  • Aggregates
  • Coatings
  • Repair Quality and Bond
  • Corrosion
  • Air Void Quality
  • Chloride/Carbonation
  • Sulfate Attack
  • ASR, ACR, and DEF evaluations
  • Historic Preservation
  • Product Testing and Evaluation

Forensic Engineering

  • Fire Damage
  • Mass Concrete Placement
  • Collapse & Structural Failure Investigation
  • Construction and/or Material Defect assessment
  • Assessment and Repairs due to Natural Disasters (Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquake, etc.)

The key to developing long-term repair solutions involves understanding the underlying deterioration, developing repair details to mitigate these critical problem(s), and building a team of engineers, contractors, and materials representatives that deliver quality repairs!

With the recent collapse of the 12-story condominium in Miami, Florida, a lot of attention will be placed on the necessity of performing routine structural condition assessments of buildings, specifically structures exposed to the elements. Our staff can perform visual condition assessments in accordance with ASTM, ACI, and ICRI recommendations, as well as exploratory services in accordance with ACI 562. Such facilities include:

  • Parking Garages,
  • Facades,
  • Underground Parking,
  • Balconies,
  • Bridges,
  • Warehouses
  • and much more

We have the experience necessary to visually assess the condition of a structure, to develop and carry-out critical testing and exploratory services, and to develop strengthen, restore, and repair structures safe for public occupancy.

Our staff is experienced in working with Structural Engineers, Architects, Contractors, and Building Owners, which allows us to work as the critical point of contact for a project, or a key asset along the pipeline.


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Professional Engineering (PE) Licenses in AL, FL, GA, IL, MS, NC, PA, SC, TN, and TX.
Professional Geologist (PG) Licenses in AL and GA.
National Affiliations: ACI, ASTM, and ICRI.

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