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Rebar Corrosion NDT

Corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel is the #1 cause of repairs, spalling, and failures in reinforced concrete structures.

Until recently, rebar corrosion related distress could not be discovered until a crack or a spall was present. At this point, extensive costly repairs are necessary and potential life safety issues are present. Fortunately, non-destructive testing (NDT) technology exists, which allows for proactive discovery before a crack or spall occurs. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and can prevent the development of life safety risks and structural failures.

Our experienced team of professional engineers utilizes the Giatec iCOR system. This device determines corrosion rate, half-cell potential, and in-situ electrical resistivity without exposing the embedded rebar.

These measurements inform property managers, building engineers, and owners of the current and future potential for corrosion related cracking or spalling. Combining this testing with an overall condition assessment will provide invaluable life expectancy estimates for the structure.

Joshua L. Lloyd, PE
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Brian J. Wolfe, P.E.
Principal Engineer
Petrography Group Manager

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