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Success Stories

Structural Condition Assessment – Parking Structure, Alpharetta, Georgia

A two man TEC Services engineering team conducted a visual observation of structural conditions within the parking structure. Current maintenance procedures and specific concerns with representatives of the property management team were discussed including recommended immediate and maintenance related repairs and preventative maintenance practices to improve the life expectancy of the parking deck.

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Structural Distress Analysis & Solution – Agnes Scott College

The engineering and laboratory staff at TEC Services solved the root cause of structural distress of several columns at Campbell Hall on the campus of Agnes Scott College and formulated an effective repair solution.

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Load Testing Of Safety Tie Back Anchors – ORAU, Oakridge, Tennessee

The MC-100 Office Building is a four story facility owned by Oak Ridge  Associated Universities (ORAU) in Oak Ridge, TN. ORAU conducted safety tie-back load testing before and the results of the load testing were ambiguous. TEC Services was asked to retest the safety tie back anchors.

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Change Of Use Design – Mall, Atlanta, Georgia

A roof structure at a mall in Atlanta, GA was to be subject to change of use. The roof level was to become the floor for an additional level of the facility. Within the change of use, selected areas of this level would be required to adequately support a 100 psf live load. To assist in determining the as-built allowable live load, the TEC Services engineering staff and materials testing laboratory performed materials testing at two selected beams to determine the type of steel used in original construction.

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Condition Assessment – Façade, Alumni Hall, Georgia State University

A TEC Services structural engineer assessed the stone façade of Alumni Hall at Georgia State University.  Severe spalling and cracking of the stone façade was observed at the eyebrow near the roof line over the main entrance of the building.

Mortar evaluations by the TEC Services materials testing laboratory were performed and a repair solution including project documents with product recommendations was completed.

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Change Of Use Design – Parking Garage, Atlanta, Georgia

A parking garage in Atlanta, GA was to be subject to change of use. The TEC Services engineering staff together with the materials testing laboratory was able to determine the size and location of shear and flexural reinforcing steel in structural beams as well as compressive strengths for the concrete used in the beams, which gave the engineer of record all the information needed to calculate as-build allowable loads for the beams.


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