GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS Surveying

NEW Service: GIS and GPS Surveying

TEC has also added a new service to the Engineering Department, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS Surveying. GIS is used as a database management system and mapping tool with geo-location services. It allows for mapping for surface and sub-surface utilities (e.g., Mapping storm water & manhole covers), land and resource management, as well as for mining site development (e.g., core sample, monitoring well, geophysical line, and similar data). TEC can also assist with managing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Addition & Expanded Capabilities

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Addition & Expanded Capabilities

TEC Services has expanded our ISO 17025 laboratory to include analytical chemistry, under the direction of Trey McCants, Chemist/Laboratory Manager. Our current ISO certification includes ASTM C114 Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cement, ASTM C1152 Standard Test Method for Acid-Soluble Chloride in Mortar and Concrete, and ASTM C1218 Standard Test Method for Water-Soluble Chloride in Mortar and Concrete. The lab is capable of analyzing cements, fly ash, geologic raw materials, and pozzolanic

UVA & UVB Chambers for Our Chemistry Lab

New UVA & UVB Chambers for Our Chemistry Lab

Our chemistry lab is now equipped with new UVA & UVB chambers. They will be capable of testing for endurance against the long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) which ages and the short wave B (UVB) rays which burns. We will use the equipment for testing webbing (including harnesses). The new chambers add to the capability of TEC Services metal testing services. An XRF machine was added for determining the elemental composition or chemistry of materials.

Our Materials Testing Lab Is A2LA Certified

Surveillance Audits

A2LA was at TEC Services, Inc. for a follow-up surveillance audit to last year’s ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation.  Read more about our accreditation with the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation. Also, recently, we had our 2 1/2 year, 3-week audit with CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory). TEC Services, Inc. is committed to providing the best services as our certifications lay credence to that goal.

Non-Destructive Testing For Bridges & Structures

TEC Services Expands Bridge Testing & Monitoring Services

TEC Services expands bridge testing and monitoring services to include the following: As-built material sampling and testing GPR and non-destructive testing to confirm as-built conditions and reinforcement Installation of monitoring equipment for measuring as-built bridge performance and load testing Parameters include: Tilt, Displacement, Strain, Joint Function

Aggregate Laboratory

TEC Services Celebrates 10th Anniversary & New Aggregate Laboratory

The New Year brings reflection on the changes at TEC Services after celebrating our 10th anniversary. Thank you to all of our customers. Take a look at the growth in our aggregate testing and the construction of our new aggregate laboratory. Our changes have enabled us to perform all testing at one location. Our new temperature and humidity controlled lab has allowed us to continue to perform the increased volume of testing while meeting the

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Course at Georgia Tech

In February, Mr. Brian Wolfe, PE, TEC Services Principal Petrographer and Engineer, gave a guest lecture for the Infrastructure Rehabilitation Course (CEE4540) at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). The lecture presented the basics of concrete petrography and the effectiveness of the technique in evaluating existing structures. Many example projects were reviewed in which petrography was an essential tool in determining the cause and solution to the concrete deterioration. The lecture also presented experience

Shawn McCormick Announces NTPEP

TEC Services has been awarded a 2 year contract to perform Evaluation of Concrete Admixtures by AASHTO M194 and Air-Entraining Admixtures for Concrete AASHTO M154 for the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP). NTPEP is the products evaluations arm of American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). TEC Services was one of the two laboratories selected to perform this testing for the NTPEP nationwide program.

The Value Of Petrography In Concrete Repair

On September 12th, Mr. Brian Wolfe, PE, TEC Services’ Principal Petrographer and Engineer performed a presentation on “The Value of Petrography in Concrete Repair for the Georgia Chapter of the Structural Engineering Institute” (SEI). The presentation was well received by approximately 50 SEI members and Georgia Tech students. The presentation provided a general background of petrography, walked through typical questions which can be answered by petrography and reviewed several example projects. Brian used show and