Metals are used when reliability and performance are important; such at bridges, building frames, equipment and much more.  To ensure that the metals will meet the necessary requirements, routine testing and verification are necessary.  Testing and analysis require a complex combination of skills, experience and equipment.   As an independent testing facility, TEC Services has the necessary resources to get the job done in a thorough and timely manner.  We can provide you with information about the materials characteristics, composition, and mechanical properties.

If you need failure analysis, our engineers can determine the root cause of the problem.  In cases where expert testimony is necessary for trials or depositions, TEC Services has experts who can provide the needed testimony.  At TEC Services we perform a wide range of the metal testing.  We take pride in our work and promise to give you the most accurate answers possible. 

TEC Services’ laboratory is approved and/or inspected by AMRL (AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory), CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory) and the US Army Corps of Engineers approval list for testing.  Our laboratory accreditations include: ISO 17025, AASHTO R18 and we are an approved laboratory for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

TEC Services’ employees are active members in ACI, ASTM, ICRI, FRCA, ASCE and SWRI.  Several TEC employees are current or past committee members, committee chairs, board members and presidents of the above mentioned organizations local and national chapters.  TEC Services works closely with ASTM in the development of aggregate, concrete and masonry test methods, testing guidelines and specifications

A basic list of some of the testing our laboratory provides is listed below.  If a test is desired that is not listed below please call and inquire for further details.

Test Methods Mechanical Testing of Steel Products
Specification for Steel Strand, Uncoated Seven-Wire for Prestressed Concrete
Specification for Ductile Iron Castings
ASTM A615 
Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Carbon Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement
Specification for Steel Castings, General Requirements, for Pressure-Containing Parts
ASTM A706 
Standard Specification for Low Alloy Steel Deformed and Plain Bars for Concrete Reinforcement
Specification for Casting, Steel and Alloy, Common Requirements, for General Industrial Use
Indentation Hardness of Metallic Materials by Comparison Hardness Testers
Tension Testing Wrought and Cast Aluminum and Magnesium-Alloy Products
Tension Testing of Metallic Materials
Tension Testing of Metallic Foil
Verification of Test Frame and Specimen Alignment Under Tensile and Compressive Axial Force Application


Army Corps of Engineering
Metals Trade Association
National Assoc. of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM)
Texas Cast Metal Association


Testing Flat Steel Coupons Testing Flat Steel Coupons
Steel Anchor Test Setup Steel Anchor Test Setup
Steel Anchor After Testing Steel Anchor After Testing
Rounded Substander Steel Sample Failer Rounded Substander Steel Sample Failer
Flat Steel Coupons Flat Steel Coupons
Elongation Testing of Steel Elongation Testing of Steel
Cable Testing Cable Testing