Our laboratory provides support to our consulting and field inspection services while providing forensic and testing services to our clients nationwide.  Stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures provide results engineers can rely on as they consider recommendations, products and materials to be used for construction or repair projects. Our clients include building owners, contractors, law firms, concrete producers, material manufacturers, engineering firms, government agencies, and facility owners, as well as suppliers. TEC Services’ laboratory can perform testing on the following materials: cement, fly ash, slag, calcium carbonates, metakaolin, aggregates, stone, veneer stone, pavers, concrete masonry units (CMU), chemical admixture, synthetic fibers, steel fibers, concrete coatings, epoxies, anchors, anchor systems, concrete, steel and forensic services such a petrographic analysis of concrete.

TEC Services’ employees are active members in ACI, ASTM, ICRI, FRCA, ASCE and SWRI.  Several TEC employees are current or past committee members, committee chairs, board members and presidents of the above mentioned organizations local and national chapters.  TEC Services works closely with ASTM in the development of test methods, testing guidelines and specifications.

TEC Services’ laboratory is audit and/or inspected by AMRL (AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory), CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory), and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Our laboratory accreditation includes: ISO 17025, AASHTO R18 and we are an approved laboratory for the US Army Corps of Engineers.  TEC Services can submit data to ICC-ES (International Code Council - Evaluation Service) for the following acceptance criteria:

Acceptance Criteria for Concrete with Synthetic Fibers
Acceptance Criteria for Precast Stone Veneer
AC198 Acceptance Criteria for Chemical Admixtures Used in Concrete
AC208 Acceptance Criteria for Steel Fibers in Concrete
Acceptance Criteria for Water-Resistive Coatings used as Weather-Resistive Barriers over Exterior Sheathing
AC308 Acceptance Criteria for Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements

Compressive Strength
Splitting Tensile
Flexural Strength
Modulus of Elasticity
ACI Mix Designs
Concrete mix-design development
Admixture Certification
Length Change
Yield Tests and Unit Weights
Pozzolanic Activity
Freeze Thaw
Creep & Shrinkage
Testing Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Petrography and forensic analysis of concrete, aggregate and cementitious materials
Physical testing of construction materials, concrete, shotcrete, masonry, wood and steel.
Compressive Strength
Compressive Yield
Heat Deflection
Bond Strength Flexural
Gel Time
Bond in Direct Tension
Tensile Strength + Elongation
Bond Strength Shear
Compress Shear
Temp of Gelation
Flexural Strength
Initial Cure
Initial Viscosity
Pot Life
Shore Hardness
Tack Free Time
Weight Per Gallon

Polymer Concrete Compress Strength
Polymer Concrete Flex Strength
Polymer Concrete Mod. of Elasticity Compress
Polymer Concrete Shrinkage
Polymer Concrete Thermal Compatibility
ASTM C114 Chemical Analysis
ASTM C150 Physical Analysis
Compressive & Tensile Strength
Specific Gravity
Air Permeability
Autoclave Expansion
Time of Setting & Gillmore & Vicat Needles
Air Content
Normal Consistency
False Set
Compressive Strength
Linear Shrinkage
Fire Rating
Mortar Design
Cement and Mortar
Freeze Thaw
Chemical/Physical Analysis
High Strength Bolt Testing
Anchor Testing
Modulus of Elasticity
Tensile Strength
Freeze/Thaw Testing
Accelerated Aging Testing
Modules of Rupture
Absorption/Bulk Specific Gravity
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength
Abrasion Resistance
Full Panel Testing
Young's Modulus of Elasticity
Stone/Anchor System Testing
Skid Resistance
Slip Resistance
Water and Air Infiltration Testing
Customized Services Are Available Upon Request
TEC Services provides petrographic analysis of aggregate, concrete and cementitious-based products and materials to aid in failure analysis investigations and quality control testing of building materials. This analytical tool can determine the following concrete, mortar and other cementitious products characteristics:

Estimation of water-cement ratio
Cause of surface defects
General quality and condition
Depth of carbonation
Identification and volumetric estimation of pozzolanic materials
Identification of deleterious materials and reactions
Alkali-silica reactivity
Chemical and physical sulfate attack
Degree of carbonation and other environmental effects
Segregation of Materials
Aggregate quality
Maximum aggregate size and gradation
Entrapped and entrained air contents

Army Corps of Engineering
Concrete Anchor Manufactures’ Association
International Ash Utilization Symposia Series (IAUS)
Mason Contractors Association
Masonry Institute of America
Masonry Veneer Manufactures Association (MVMA)
Metals Trade Associations
National Association of Architectural Metal Manufactures (NAAMM)
Shotcrete Association
Texas Cast Metal Ass.
The American Coal Ash Association (ACAA)

Accreditations & Certifications


Tile Bond Shear Test Tile Bond Shear Test
Testing Steel Anchors Testing Steel Anchors
Rounded Substander Steel Sample Failer Rounded Substander Steel Sample Failer
Pipe Testing Pipe Testing
Pipe Testing _ Bend Test Pipe Testing _ Bend Test
Cable Testing Cable Testing
ASTM C1609 Instron Flexural Apparatus ASTM C1609 Instron Flexural Apparatus
ASTM C1609 Fiber Beam Break ASTM C1609 Fiber Beam Break