Please note that all of the tests we can perform may not be listed on our website, as we cover a wide range of materials and services. If a material or method is not listed then please inquire further from one of our staff members listed below.

Shawn McCormick
Concrete admixtures, Product Development/Formulation, Pre-packaged Materials, Cements & Pozzolans (Physical and Chemical), Chemical Analysis, Grinding Aids, Dimension Stone

Steven Maloof
Aggregates Physical Testing, Concrete Mix Designs, Stone Veneer, Masonry Products, Batch Plant Inspections, Concrete Troubleshooting, Field Evaluations

Trey McCants
Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Metals & Anchor Systems, Coatings/Epoxies/Adhesives, Commercial & Recreational Products Testing, Treestands & Harnesses, Miscellaneous

Brian Wolfe, PE
Concrete Petrography, Failure Analysis, Mortar Evaluations

George Harrison
Field Services & Non-Destructive Testing, Floor Flatness

Aisyah Abdkahar, PG
Geological Services, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS Surveying, Concrete Petrography, Aggregate Petrography